Where Do You Find Your HP Printer Serial Number?

Finding out the HP printer’s serial number has been quite a complex task for many users. And after examining the queries, I decided to implement a small experiment to answer this question. Before I explain to you how to find the serial number, let me make you clear about the HP product range. Since HP printer has a wide array of options in itself, so here you will find out the solution of HP Sprocket Photo Printers specifically.

In case you are wondering, why you need the serial number of your HP printer, then you must know that it helps you to identify precise details about that model. You will need the serial number when you connect with a customer support executive or take online 123.hp.com/setup support.

hp printer serial number


Find your HP printer’s serial number of HP Sprocket Photo Printers:

  1. Shut down the HP Sprocket printer.
  2. Uncover its top by sliding away from the enclosed body from the top slot and now keep it aside.
  3. Move out the top cover.
  4. Take out any extra or unused photo paper from the input tray
  5. Separate the try, if needed.
  6. You will find the serial number on the UPC sticker available within the input tray.

Every HP product has an individual identifying number known as a serial number. You need to know this combination of numbers when you converse with support, service the product, or confirm whether the product is still under warranty period.

In case you were unsuccessful to find your HP printer’s serial number by these steps, you can go to 123 HP Setup page for assistance. Additionally, the team available at 123.hp.com/setup will also help you fix any problem with your HP machine. If you have queries related to the printer or even laptop/ desktop, you will get 123 hp setup help instantly.

Apart from the errors, if I talk about finding a serial number of other HP printers or devices, the process will differ. To find out the serial number of your HP Laser printer, you might find it at other location. Similarly, on laptops and desktops, the method of finding it will differ. As mentioned previously, 123.hp.com/setup is the one-stop destination to clear all your doubts. You may find an option to chat directly with the HP executive. You can freely ask questions about your HP printer, laptop, desktop, or HP assistants as well.

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