Printing with HP ePrint: Settings you need to do

HP ePrint is a reliable cloud-based service that enables you to print from any corner of the world provided you have an active Internet connectivity. The only thing you need to do is to email the document or photo (or printable any media file you want to print) directly to the printer.

To email the file in order to take out the prints, you need to have the email address of your HP ePrint. Proceed to know to get the email address.

To print with HP ePrint, only have to make two easy steps:

  1. Get the printer email address
  2. Print with ePrint

Now, to get the prtiner’s email address could be a complex step for users to make. In order to know what steps you need to take, follow the instructions below.

Please note that your HP printer should be connected to the web. In case not, then connect your printer to the web, and then get the printer email address. The steps are applicable on printers with a touchscreen or text-based display.

How do you HP printer email address?

  1. Switch on the printer and insert plain paper in the paper tray
  • Make sure ink or toner cartridges are installed and functions properly
  1. Turn on these Web settings:
  • Touchscreen displays: Press the HP ePrint button or icon Tap Setup on the display of the printer. Continue to execute the on-screen prompts to turn on Web Services
  • Text-based displays: Navigate to Web Services Setup on printer screen. Go to Network Setup or Wireless Settings, and then execute the on-screen prompts to turn on Web Services
  • In case of failure, contact HP Printer Support
  1. In case you find the Web Services are already enabled, tap Print or Print Info to get the email address
  • The printer email address appears on the control panel along with an info page and prints with the printer email address
  1. Look for the HP ePrint email address that appears on the screen and save it
  2. If the printer email address does not appear, wait a few hours and then retry printing the info page or call on HP Printer Support Number

If you fail to complete the process or do not find the printer email address, it is suggested to go for HP Support to get assured fix.

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