Samsung Welcomes the 5G Era: Indicates Launch of Radical Galaxy S10

The buzz of Samsung launching Galaxy S10 smartphone in the year 2019, marking the 10th anniversary of its Galaxy S series, has been taking rounds for the last few months, and the wait is nearly over – at least that is what the technology giant indicated in its recent announcement.

As already announced earlier by Samsung, the Galaxy S10 will feature four models, up to six cameras, massive displays, and gradient colour schemes. However, the company kept one major upgrade in veil, which perhaps has now been uncloaked. In some recent subtle official announcements, American telecommunications companies Verizon and AT&T together spoke of a partnership with Samsung, to deliver a ‘5G Galaxy smartphone’ in the first half of 2019. Well, what’s cooking up in the Samsung Galaxy S10 can be smelled.

5G is going to be about more than just a network. Customers will eventually be able to connect in near real-time to unforeseen possibilities,” said David Christopher, president of AT&T Mobility and Entertainment. “Together with Samsung, we plan to bring the best in technology and innovation to our customers. The future we imagine with 5G is just beginning, and it is a great time to be a consumer.”

The 5G network will bring a revolution to the smartphone industry in terms of reliability and speed. The network could possible replace home broadband. It is clear that Samsung will be the first to test 5G network in the Galaxy S10.

Four Models: Which One to Feature 5G?

Although the 10th anniversary will witness the launch of four Galaxy S10 models, the 5G functionality will be added to only one – the flagship Galaxy S10 ‘Beyond X’.

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