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HP LaserJet Printers with Jet intelligence give the finest prints in no time. Along with its contemporary appearance, cost effectiveness is another big factor for users to pick HP LaserJet printer from the list. Covering the need of users, the jet technology HP Printer delivers best services for personal and business use. This global printing brand has countless users and several third-party websites deals in selling HP printers.

The printer is set apart in five different categories and further in subcategories depending on its model number.

HP LaserJet printer range

  • LaserJet pro MFP
  • LaserJet pro
  • HP LaserJet Enterprise
  • HP LaserJet Enterprise Flow MPF
  • HP LaserJet Enterprise MPF

When further classified, you will have different models in the categories of HP LaserJet printers as mentioned above. These printers give you supreme output in jet speed. Additionally, the printing machine allows you to connect via computer as well as supported mobile devices. With an advanced feature of wireless connections, you can choose to print by connect to a network.

Before you start with wireless connectivity settings, you need to check through these basic essentials.

  • Right HP printer driver should be installed on your computer
  • Printer should pair with the printer driver in the computer and respond to the given commands
  • The printer must have the option of wireless network connections
  • You computer is required to connect with the same network
  • The internet connection should be strong enough to catch the command signal
  • Wiring and other connections should be appropriate

After you meet these requirements, you can proceed to make error free wireless network connection by executing the instruction mentioned here.

How do you make LaserJet wireless network connectivity?

  1. Connect the printer and computer with a USB cable
  2. Wait for Windows to automatically detect the printer or connect it from Control panel
  3. On the printer is connected with the printer, move next to make connectivity settings
  4. Go to Control Panel> Networks and internet
  5. Under Network and sharing center, click ‘View network and status tasks’
  6. When prompted, on the left pane, click "Change advanced sharing settings" option
  7. Click the down-arrow button to expand the computer's current profile
  8. Check if the ‘File and printer sharing’ is disabled, you need to turn that setting on and save changes
    • Enter admin password when asked to permit the change and save the settings
  9. Go back to Control panel home and click Hardware and Sound > Devices and printers
  10. Click HP LaserJet printer and choose ‘Print Properties‘ when the menu appears
    • Select the "Sharing" tab in the Printer Properties page
    • Enable the "Share this printer" option by marking in the check box
  11. If the above step fails, click ‘Add a printer’
  12. When directed, a dialogue box will appear, select the option of ‘Add a network, wireless, or Bluetooth printer’
  13. Select your printer from the list and start printing

You have connected your printer with a wireless network, try to take out some prints to make sure if the setting changes are working properly. In case the printer does not receive commands via network, seek technical support from 123 hp LaserJet support section. In case there is some other errors take place, go for professional support providers.

How does 123.hp.com/LaserJet assist you?

Printers could make you face numbers of problems, from installing to using, and some of them could fatal errors. To fix issues with HP printing machine, you can get support from 123.hp.com/LaserJet with a phenomenal user experience.